Online Resource Pack 8



ORP8 is a downloadable Online Resource Pack comprising 5 Early Years Music and Movement Lesson Plans each with an accompanying 9 song MP3 file,  an EYFS observation sheet and complementary Children’s Activity Sheet.

A Learning, Skills and Fun sheet, which can be printed as a poster, supports the Lesson Plans for the whole ORP.

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Product Description

  • 5 Lesson Plans including such activities as social skills and awareness of others with the Different People activities, playing instruments in different ways such as fast/slow, high/low, side to side, and learning increasing dynamics with the Clapping Teddies
  • 5 EYFS Observation Sheets for Early Years Practitioners
  • 5 Children’s Activity Sheets  including social discussion and drawing with the Faces sheet, comparative language and colouring with the Clapping Teddies, number recognition and counting with 5 little ducks.
  • 5 MP3 Files each containing at least 9 songs, including 3 little men in a flying saucer, Pointing, Down at the station, Baa baa black sheep, 5 little ducks and Twinkle Twinkle little star
  • 1 Learning, Skills and Fun Sheet which summarises the educational value of the whole Online Resource Pack



Sample of the PDF resources for one lesson.  Each lesson includes fine and gross motor activities and is accompanied by a dedicated MP3 music file

Please note – each Online Resource Pack comprises downloads of 5 sets of the above resources and at least 40 musical tracks


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